Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie Madness

 A friend and I made an excursion to buy a movie to watch last night. What neither of us anticipated, was that Blockbuster would provide us with so very many movies that we would each actually want to own. We walked out of there with two bags full of purchased DVD's, and my own little film collection is shaping up quite nicely. The majority of my selections made my companion roll her eyes and declare my taste in films boring. It's true, what I like in a movie is a certain calmness, a slow-moving glimpse into another life, a moment to quiet my brain and my worries and my over thinking, and just let someone else go through all that. Truthfully, I tend to steer clear of movies that transport me into a world that is too fantastical, as I have always found them to leave me so alarmingly dissatisfied with what real life actually is able to provide. Below are some of the movies that last night's excursion added to my DVD shelf.

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