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On Friday night, June 24, 2011, same-sex marriage was legalized in New York State. That next Sunday, June 26 was the 42nd Annual Gay Pride Parade and celebration in the city of New York, and I cannot tell you how momentous it felt to be a part of New York for the fortuitous timing of these events. I am a huge proponent of gay rights and while all my attempts at educating and phone banking did little good in my home state of California, and while these events in New York state were at a level much higher than the grass-roots level at which I ever worked, it felt beyond amazing to wake up in New York on Saturday morning, knowing that civil rights history had been made. Even more encouraging was the fact that the votes which tipped the scales in favor of marriage equality were from 2 republicans.

Little by little, we will work towards an America where all citizens have equal rights, and are treated as equal to one another. It is a long ways off, and there are so, so many other under-represented groups out there that are struggling to find their voice and gain the recognition they deserve. But each victory, such as this empowering marriage equality decision, takes us closer to that goal.

I second the signs that were waved up and down the parade route on Sunday, proclaiming "Thank you Governor Cuomo" and "Promises Kept" because the gratitude of myself as well as of my lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual, undecided, undefined, life-loving brothers and sisters is heartfelt and sincere, and I thank everyone who has ever fought for this necessary cause, for everything you worked towards. For New York, at least, it happened!
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