Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Rain = Sleepy Friday

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For some reason this week has really drained me. Add some stress and less-sleep-than-ideal nights to an already quasi-worn-out girl, and you can easily come away with a very out-of-sorts me. Luckily, we have arrived at Friday and I have no plans on this rainy, gloomy June day, but to go home, and be lazy. I want to laze around and sleep early, perhaps enjoy the rain hitting my windowpanes if it works out that way and I don't just hit a deluge on the way home, only to be returned to hanging gray. I hope you all have equally relaxing weekends, and do cross your fingers that I don't arrive home today with an urge to go out and do something, on the one day I'm taking advantage of to have no plans at all except wide openness for lazing about! Enjoy the weekends!

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