Friday, July 8, 2011

ahhhh....yet again we've made it

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There really is nothing better than a weekend stretching ahead of you with no real plans. I'm doing dinner with some friends tonight - we're having Thai which I'm extraordinarily excited about as I've realized just how long it's been since I've eaten Thai - and have no obligations for the rest of the weekend except to phone my congratulations to a dear, dear friend whose first baby shower is this weekend back in California. Yes, it's a shame I won't be there - this is the first of my close group of girlfriends to become a parent - but at the same time, I'm looking forward to just being able to take on whatever spontaneous activities may get offered up right here in New York. Yes, I do need to go grocery shopping, and I should probably do laundry, but the thought of doing chores is just too dull and so I rather think that I may push them aside to do during the week, if I'm being totally honest. I hope your weekends are looking equally relaxing, and that they all prove to be precisely that! Oh, and that piccy is just because I am in love with all things 50's and that picture of the breathtaking Jessica Stam just tickled me pink.

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