Monday, July 11, 2011


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I am feeling wonderfully, completely, and calm-ingly in-the-moment this Monday morning. If I may say, that may just be the best way to feel, ever, in life. Content in the now. It's so rare to find it, I like to savor it and try to hang onto it as long as possible on the rare occasions that I recognize I'm in such a state.

However, a much more important announcement for today is that today is my Dad's birthday! YAY DAD! This is truly the first time, except for when I studied abroad in college, that I have not been able to celebrate my parents' birthdays with them, which seems rather sad although I know a lot of kids my age who have been in this boat for years yet. Still - if you're reading this Dad - I hope you have an incredible day! I'll be calling you later, so you can hear my incredible voice warbling the birthday song to you. I know, highlight of the year. You're welcome. Truly though, I love you, and Happy Birthday!

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