Thursday, July 21, 2011

New 'do....again!

 Ah yes, the fickleness continues. As you may know, I got extensions put in almost a month ago exactly - my hair was growing out from the shortest cut I've ever had and I was disdainful of the process. I am impatient and the thought of having to wait even more agonizing weeks before my hair would have some semblance of length - after months of being just as patient as can be, mind you - I simply could not take it anymore. I took the plunge, got the weave, and actually felt intense relief for the first couple weeks. My hair was long, I didn't have to stare at an awkward bowl-cut in the mirror every morning, and the change of look really lifted my spirits. However, I am not a girl who does her hair, and my stylist chose to give me wavy extensions as my natural hair is not quite so pin straight as the straight-option hair extensions. Thus I was completely unable to wear my hair in any 'do other than a half-n-half or a pony tail - the textures of my hair versus the fake hair were just too different. And so, last night, I had had enough with the annoyance of extensions that were growing out and were going to cost another small fortune to be re-located further up along my scalp, and I took things into my own hands. Armed with pliers and a lot of patience, I removed all my extensions myself. And now? I'm back! Back to being able to brush my hair (impossible before because the extensions were A.) in the way and B.) could have feasibly ripped out should I have brushed hard enough), back to being able to scrub hard at my scalp in the shower (impossible before because, again, there were nodules all over), back to being able to run my fingers through my hair, toss it around, not being afraid that I'll get a knot around an extension ring. Yep, I'm 100% content with both decisions - I'd always wanted extensions and do not at all regret getting them, I'm relieved that I finally know that permanent extensions aren't for me, that next time perhaps I'll try clip-ons if anything (after all, still fickle!). And today I'm 100% content that I have my own short, fine hair back. It's longer than it was - significantly so, actually - and I don't hate who I see in the mirror, so I'm winning all around. I plan on going in to get some highlights or color done today - it's a bit mousy-brown for the middle of summer. I'll be sure to post new piccys when phase 2 is complete! In the meantime, happy Thursday!

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