Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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This is one of those Wednesdays that took forever to arrive and which has very little inspiration to lend. I have a slew of chores I kept putting off this past weekend and it really and truly is just time to get them over and done with. As I didn't end up going to the gym yesterday and nor will I today. So much for my resolution to kick off the week right, I made it Monday and apparently I'll have given up as I'll have to make it to the laundromat before they close today, right? Add to the laundry the unenviable task of hanging up the damp clothes all around my already-small studio - I try to conserve energy by hanging my laundry to dry, except for huge items like sheets or towels, I do have to be somewhat rational - and you have a truly riveting Wednesday night. Still, I'm one of those people upon whom chores gnaw until they are completed so I think it will feel like a relief to finally have the laundry done, some other items hung up around my apartment, and the place in order come Friday once all the laundry has dried and can be put away. It's the little things, right? Oh, and this picture is about nothing in particular except that I am obviously feeling a bit guilty for skipping the gym yesterday (and feeling preemptive-ly guilty for skipping it today) after so many months of absolutely not going. How will I ever hope to be anything close to this bendy if I do not start getting my body back into some shape that is not "round"? I kid, I kid, but I really do want to get healthier and more fit. I suppose Thursday is as good a day as any to look towards! In the meantime, Happy Wednesday!

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