Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little bit o' chic...

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The past two days, I have come into work positively glistening due to the humid, heavy air I must battle on my walking commute to work. I thus arrive disheveled, tired, and sweaty. Not the best impression to make at work, although very much clean-up-able (and, thankfully, everyone seems to understand as we're all in the same boat). However, given my own inability to remain pulled together for any length of time, I am always drawn to the perpetual chic dress and look of various real life women, and the slew of magazine model women who always make looking good so effortless. Here are some photos that I just thought were wonderful.

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  1. Jess. I love. The woman in the white...so pretty! :)
    You need a mini fan (like the ones we used to have on our Nobis desks). Ha.