Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesdays feeling like Mondays...

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Monday-based three-day weekends are a mixed bag for me. The older I get, the most I sort of wish I spent all of them on some sort of trip, because going back to work on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday is a rather horrible experience. The week always ends up feeling longer than the four days it actually is, and generally speaking the last half of the Monday "day off" is spent reminding yourself that you have to return to work the next day. I prefer my three-day weekends to begin with a Friday off from work, then the day off can truly be used for fun and skulduggery  rather than as a day of rest from the two days you had previous of fun and skulduggery. Still, that being said I had a lovely Fourth of July weekend. I experienced my first East Coast beach for a few hours on Saturday which was everything I'd hoped for and more. I wish it was easier to get to, but so it goes. Even better, perhaps, I got to discover a local outdoor pool at a park right by my house, which will be perfect for lying out on sunny weekends! Literally 4 blocks away from me, and free, this little pool has a handful of deck chairs which, should I arrive right at the 11:00 am opening time, I should be lucky enough to snag one and then my morning can be spent leisurely drowning out the screams of children in a pool, as I work on my tan. Because I am tired of being pasty, you have no idea. It's killing me. If I can't have a beach on-hand, I can at least have a pool with space for sunning, so you better believe I'm gonna start making use of it! It's already July, time to get this started!

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  1. A free pool??!! Near your house in NY? Perfect! :)