Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sick of ... summer?

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Well guys, I never in my life thought I would ever say this, but I am getting sick of summer. The humidity and stickiness just sit in the air on this east coast, there's no breeze in the city, and you are just constantly hot and sweaty and disgusting every time you're outside for any length of time. It's too much. I am craving dry heat, Santa Ana winds, air that makes my fingers crack and my lips taste salty. That's how intense my distaste for this humidity has become. When I made the decision to move to New York, my Dad insisted he loved the winters and falls of the east coast, but that he could never live there due to the summers. I was sure he was wrong, and indeed I didn't even have such a distaste for it until recently. But now, three months of a constantly damp self has perhaps brought me to my breaking point. Why this morning, when I could no longer sleep - even in my air conditioned apartment - and I took to begin my commute to work at 5:45 am rather than my usual 7:15 time, the air was already heavy and muggy. C'mon fall, bring me what you got and let's see how my second round of New York seasons goes...

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