Thursday, August 18, 2011

so it goes

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It is another gloomy day in Manhattan today, with the threat of thunderstorms in the forecast, and I have to say that there is sort of nothing better than this sort of weather in the summer. I know, who would have thought that I - a beach bunny of the top order - would be fine with gloomy, rainy summer weather? But it's not just marine layer, it's true storm weather, and New York is not a beach town by any stretch of the imagination - for me to get to the beach (which I have done only a handful of times this summer) takes a solid 2 hours per way on public transportation. This creates a day excursion to go hop in the water. As such, if the weather wants to be stormy, wet, and threaten thunder and lightening while I'm safely ensconced in my office anyhow, bring it on! It almost makes the process of getting up everyday day and taking the same walk to work and sitting in the same cubicle for hours at a time almost cozy. It's the rain, thunder and lightening that does it though, make no mistake about that. I love storms, I love the threat of storms, so the remainder of this week and weekend are keeping me in a rather contented - if slightly sleepy and perhaps emotionally exhausted - state of mind. Happy Thursday all!

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