Friday, August 19, 2011

Going to Louisiana!

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That's right friends, I will be away from this little blog of personal musings - and, of late, angst - all next week as I will be going down south for a family wedding. We're starting our own family trip in New Orleans and will travel east to the wedding destination later in the week. I am quite excited to see New Orleans, a place that honestly I really may never have ventured to on my own, so it will be a wonderful way to experience a brand new city about which I have always heard so much, as well as reunite with my family. I haven't been down south since I was a pre-teen and went to visit a dear friend's family in Alabama, so this will be a comparatively new experience. I have been given copious recommendations of places to dine and see in New Orleans so the fact that we are only going to be there a handful of days is proving more and more difficult  to swallow. Still, I hope you all have wonderful weekends and enjoyable, productive weeks next week. I will be sure to regale you with tales upon my return and in the meantime, wish me luck surviving a wedding in the Louisiana heat, as I'm sure it will make the survival I've been so proud of during summer in New York City seem positively laughable.

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