Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashionable Fete

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Last night was New York's Fashion Night Out celebration of all things wardrobe-related, and I popped in to experience the madness for a couple of hours with some friends. It was actually a lot more fun than I had anticipated, at least at the first stop. I didn't make it out until almost 9 pm so I think most of the soirees were winding down - it was a Thursday, after all - but Michael Kors was still swinging and made the night feel worth it as my first stop. I sipped champagne and caught up, eyeing the brand's signature-chic bags and boots. Those poor salesgirls must have been chomping at the bit to get commissions on FNO, I had three Pretty Young Things ask me if I wanted to try on the same pair of boots I was eyeing the brief time we were there. Afterwards we stopped by Saks, Tommy Hillfiger and Louis Vuitton, but all drinks were gone and the staff was starting to usher people towards the doors. The madness on the streets outside was fun enough to make it feel like the night was a worthwhile experience, however, as I made my way home. Such fashionable men and women flocking about 5th and Madison, I can't even imagine how crackalackin' SOHO must have been last night!

I will say, I almost wish I could have experienced all this even 1 year ago, when being surrounded by so much decadence and luxury - and so many fabulous people - would have really sent my heart soaring. At this point, having been surrounded by consumerism-ad-nauseum for a solid year in this city of consumption, I felt rather underwhelmed by purses selling for my month's rent and the admittedly supple-leather boots that looked like any other pair of flat boots except to the select few with enough money and interest to notice a logo. I liked watching the people, though, the night was worth it for that alone. The vibrant and fierce denizens of style with their Mohawks, tattoos, thick make-up, and swagger. Those are the girls - and boys - I think FNO was created for, and it was invigorating to see them parading around in all their creative glory.

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