Thursday, September 22, 2011

thursday thrills

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The glory of Friday is upon us in a mere 24(-ish) hours and in the meantime today is gloomy and rainy with thundershowers promised in the afternoon. That makes being at work cozy, and encourages a lazy evening spent tucked away indoors. It also makes me find a certain extra beauty in shots such as the one above, taken from TheGlamourai's incredible blog, which I have recently returned to after a surprisingly long hiatus. I always forget how elegant and pulled together women make me helplessly jealous, because I simply cannot pull off such complex looks. They overwhelm me and I enter the world entirely too self-conscious to be any good to anyone. Still, as long as girls like Kelly Framel can pull such stylishness off, I can at least enjoy the chic factor peripherally. And now, so can you. Happy Thursday all!

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  1. Happy Thursday to you Jess! I want to curl up with you and watch silly movies, drink hot, alcoholic things and rant about how we can do better things than all of the politicians combined. Fall in NYC has to be awesome! :) Miss you tons!