Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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A friend of mine from high school and his wife are transplanting to New York City (as I type this, actually) and I am going to be hosting them in my bitty studio while they get their feet on the ground in the Big Apple. While I am hesitant regarding just how well 3 people are going to work in my studio - and house guests are always a rather loose cannon when the stay has no pre-determined end date - I am very excited to host and to hopefully offer some relief in providing a roof in these beginning days. God knows I don't know what I would have done if I had not had my dear friends to host me when I first arrived - and I abused their hospitality for, if I remember correctly, 3 weeks! Granted, they had a second bedroom - with an actual bed - in which I was staying, these poor kids will have to make do on air mattresses. But, regarding my hostesses (and, I suppose, myself in the coming days) there is still a certain amount of forethought and stress that comes from having someone for whom you are essentially responsible for days - weeks! - on end. Still it is my duty as friend-in-resident to take my turn and host these newbies, and to be honest I'm pretty damn excited to be the New York resident able to host and provide sanctuary to transplants now. My one-year anniversary just seems to be providing more and more moments of pride. It's quite nice, really. And now, happy Wednesday all! We've made it to the middle! It's all downhill from here! Also, regarding that piccy - it's a plane landing, I liked its simplicity. But I get that it rather looks like a non-smiling person in a hat...

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