Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buh-bye "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"!

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Yes there is a lot of strife going on in this country and all over the world, and yes there seem to be no solutions and no way out and everything just seems to get terrible over and over again. But sometimes something good comes out of all the fighting and disagreeing and grumbling, and today that good thing - which prevailed above so very, very much opposition - is the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the United States military. Yes I know there is still a long road ahead, that there is a very ingrained culture that is going to be resistant to things they don't want to hear. But at least there's not a bigoted law allowing for the shaming of a person's self still standing for these ignorant people to point to. We have to take what we can get, and I, for one, am very proud to know that a step has finally been taken in this right direction. Congratulations to all the brave men and women who are now able to take this day and show their true selves to their fellow soldiers. And congratulations to all the proud but quiet men and women who may breathe a little easier today, even if they keep their cards close to the chest, and wait to see how things play out. Thank you for all you give and do and sacrifice for your country, and congratulations on finally not being able to be penalized for who you were born to be.

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