Monday, September 19, 2011

Wonderful weekend

 "Let's Make Love"
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I had the most relaxing weekend that I have had in sometime this past Saturday and Sunday. I was a bona fide homebody and it was glorious. Saturday I woke late, dashed out to my corner market for eggs and milk, and made myself a pancake brunch, complete with peanut butter and syrup - truly the only way to perfectly enjoy either pancakes or waffles. I then settled in for a self-chosen Marilyn Monroe movie marathon which consisted of "Let's Make Love" and "Niagara" - two of my personal faves - before I dozed into a restful nap on my couch. After which I awoke, ate the rest of my leftover pancakes, and made a brown-rice-and-edamame dish to serve as lunches for the rest of the week. I ate the remaining portion for dinner, watched some TV, and then snuggled into bed for an early-for-a-Saturday-11-pm sleep fest. I awoke Sunday feeling more awake than I have in what felt like months. A walk through Central Park in the crisp fall air got me excited about the cooler weather to come, and listening to a magnificent cello-violin-vocalist group performing under the bridge by the lily-pad fountain in the park truly made the day feel quintessentially New York. A reunion with a new friend-who-is-also-technically-a-cousin for beer and pasta ended the night on a home-y high note, and I came to work this morning ready to take on the week. I can truly say that more weekends like that are necessary, for recharging. I hope everyone had equally relaxing weekends and is looking forward to this week with renewed vigor!
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