Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is in the air!

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Seemingly overnight, it feels like Fall has come upon us. Yes, I know it is surely just a teaser and that soon 70-degree mornings will be upon us once again. But it was beyond lovely to wake up to a surprisingly chilly breeze coming through my window, and to get to work without feeling flushed, over-heated and with a sheen of sweat. I didn't fully believe - or perhaps understand - just how grateful I would be for Fall weather out here, despite all that everyone insisted. But it really was a sweet relief from the constant mugginess of summer. I know soon the snows will come - but with how enjoyable this turn to crisp weather was this morning, perhaps even the snow won't be so bad? Only time will tell, and in the meantime I have Fall leaves to look forward to again, tights to don, and layers to wear. For being a girl addicted to the seaside, it seems beyond-a-doubt-true now that I wasn't quite built for summer in the city. Stay warm this weekend all, and enjoy the cooler air!
Oh, and I know the image above doesn't correlate to this post at all - because it's not about music or this particular artist - but I just thought it was too pretty not to include since it rather fits.

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