Thursday, September 15, 2011

So it's Fashion Week huh...?

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I feel like last year at this time, I was voraciously reading blogs and websites about New York Fashion week. I had just arrived in the city, and was in transition between my dear friends' law school student housing and a 3-month sublet while I continued to look for more permanent digs. I mean this transition literally - on Fashions Night Out last year, I was physically walking my suitcases up 2nd Avenue from 11th towards the 30's because all the cabs were stuffed with fashionistas wise enough to know that walking to SOHO (or even the hub of 5th Avenue) in skyscraper heels was an ill-fated plan. By this time last year, I was safely ensconced in that new sublet, gazing online at skirts, shoes and shirts with the hunger of a just-moved-to-the-glitz-and-glamour-of-the-city girl.

Today, one year later, I didn't even remember it was Fashion Week (and I attended Fashions Night Out just last week, if you may recall?) until I heard a report on NPR this morning about the trends in women's fashion anticipated for this coming season. I'm not sure if it's that I've developed enough of my own life here in this past year that the more universal events of this city - known through the world, really - take on less significance. [Granted, I also don't know how much of this forgetting of a huge event for Manhattan stems moreso from my own aforementioned panic regarding my over-extension of funds. And as I am a neurotic worrier, this could be playing a very, very large part.] Still, I rather liked the fact that I apparently took New York Fashion Week's existence this year to be a peripheral part of the events going on in my life. Secondary to a catch-up session with a dear friend over nachos, insignificant next to phone dates with old roommates and good friends. Makes me feel like Manhattan is more my city now, somehow.

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