Thursday, October 20, 2011

raining 'n' pouring

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The rain has NOT let up for going on three days it feels - and while that is lovely in theory, it really is the pits when you walk everywhere (except for the times when you are dripping wet in the damp mugginess of a subway car). Even moreso when you forget your tennis shoes at the office and thus are walking home in slip-on flats, with pants that are immediately soaked to the knees and all sorts of pebbles and grossness from the NYC streets miraculously finding their way into said slip-on flats. There is little that refreshes me as much as removing my wet clothes and shoes did last night. And? Even though when my alarm went off this morning I, for the first time, debated just turning it off and turning back over, I made it to my final gym session for the week. For which I am SO proud. And for which I also reiterate my previous statement that the "force yourself for 3 days and it will stick" rule obviously does not apply to yours truly. Still, we are one day closer to Friday so good luck on this Thursday everyone!!

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