Wednesday, October 19, 2011

slow n steady...

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Well kids, today is Day 3 of my getting back into the gym. The fiercely fit Rachel Mac has said that it takes 3 days of forcing yourself to get back into the habit of gymming it. I think I'm still riding the wave of excitement of getting back in to working out, so I think I shall follow another recommendation that it takes 22 days to form a habit. Hopefully in 3 weeks, my body and brain will look at daily workouts as just as much a part of my daily routine as showing up for work on time. In the meantime, today I followed the above mantra and got myself into the gym before work because I have obligations after work today, that I know would have prevented me from actually following through and going - I just love a good excuse. And so, while I don't intend this blog to become a chronicle of my excercising journey, with any luck it will pop up here and there, proving how much a part of my self-definition exercise will (hopefully) become. I hope this Wednesday finds you all well!

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