Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rock Your Body

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It's ironic that I spent the entire summer NOT working out, it's just so blazing hot and humid on the east coast that the thought of going inside to sweat just seemed silly, to be honest. However, due to this lack of motivation for the past four or so months, and fairly consistent consumption of sweet iced treats as a means to beat the heat, I am becoming increasingly nervous about what this habit will do come winter - when the bundling up in large coats conveniently hides stomach bulges. This is something which must be remedied sooner rather than later - on the plus side, I did rather find myself enjoying the warm camaraderie of the gym last winter, and as things are looking more and more towards my moving into an apartment with roommates rather than remaining in my own break-the-bank-with-rent-every-month studio, the gym time will once again give me some me-time after a day at work and before a night with housemate(s). Fingers crossed I actually get my tuckus into gear and back into a gym-space, though, because ever since I discovered Jamie Eason I've been salivating over the challenge to work my unwilling physique into something slightly closer to her amazing body. I much more appreciate the look of sleek, toned females versus just skinny women and Jamie has exactly the look of feminine strength and power I would love to possess. I will never look that cut - I cannot and will not give up carbs, I am a quarter Sicilian after all - but hopefully starting next week I will at least get myself back into the habit of getting my heart rate up at least 4x a week! Cross fingers for me guys! And Happy Thursday - we're almost there!

PS - Plus, isn't she just the cutest?!? Every picture I see makes me a little more smitten and motivated. I love her little bob. Makes me want to go back to short hair. See?! HOW FICKLE AM I?? In debt due in part to my need for fake hair extensions and now I'd willingly put myself right back into the position of dying for long hair. Although, I'll never sink that kind of money into fake hair again, just wasn't my style. So maybe, it was a worthwhile mistake after all, to at least now know for sure. Sorry, tangent. Still, she's adorbs, right? And to have abs like that?! Might be worth a few less cookies everyday...

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