Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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I am relieved to let all of you know that I have found a new abode with lower rent, to appease money worries, get me out of my own head with more frequency thanks to the existence of two roommates, and introduce me to the idiosyncrasies of a borough outside of the claustrophobic rushing of Manhattan. I have loved my little studio, and I am sad to give it up, although not as sad as I thought I would be. Presumably because my goals are loftier now - thriftiness plays a larger role than most in my life now that I know what it feels like to be struggling to keep your head above water monetarily - but regardless I am incredibly excited to get started on yet another chapter in my New York journey. I will be moving to Brooklyn as of this evening - returning only to my UES stomping grounds to finish cleaning the apartment and tie up any odds and ends deemed necessary by my property management company. I am excited for my new neighborhood, one with which I am already a bit familiar thanks to a friend who used to live in the area, and which I am excited to get to know on my own, with my own agenda, my own time-line and my own interest base. Never mind the fact that Brooklyn is such an enormous borough that there are going to be plenty of neighborhoods I will soon be able to explore, especially thanks to the freedom that my now-essential-for-commuting unlimited metro pass will provide me to train it up and down and all around. Added bonus to the fact that I am already somewhat familiar with the neighborhood into which I'm moving? The fact that this room was the largest for this rental price that I saw in all the weeks I was searching out rooms. It has 2 closets (that's right, 2), a window (that looks outside) and it's own door! And for all this I will be paying less than $1,000 a month. There was a lot of panic at the end there, but I am more happy than even I imagined for putting into action this move-out plan, and I am relieved beyond belief to start having some wiggle room in my monthly earnings. Wish me luck with the move and I hope to have tales of my new life as a roommate and a Brooklynite soon!

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