Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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I am happy to report to you that, after my first night in my new apartment, I am 100% happy in my decision to make the shift from Manhattan studio living to Brooklyn roommate living. I hadn't realized how lonely it really did get living on my own - there was something comforting about just knowing there was someone in the house last evening as I puttered about unpacking my room and he continued about his Tuesday night. Added bonus to living with 2 hetero guys? There was no qualms about my putting my stuff anywhere. I asked about everything, "is there a cupboard that would be mine?",  "Is there a shelf I should use?",  "Is this area empty for a reason or can I put something there?" and every single question was answered with a quizzical look, a shrug and a "Sure, do whatever." Very lucky to have such laid-back roommates, I believe. Never mind the fact that my room's former resident apparently had a bit more stuff than anyone realized so the living area - while undoubtedly small - feels a bit roomier than it did when I first looked at the apartment. And, as I left the house to make my commute into the city, there was something beyond lovely about looking up to see sky above the apartment buildings, pink and orange brilliance as the sun came up, and to make it to my subway stop where I stood with plenty of room all around me waiting for my train. Upon reaching my Manhattan transfer station, of course, I was sardined in with the rest of the commuters, but I can already tell that my move to seek more space and peace has been successful, the goal accomplished. There's still much setting up to be done - gotta finish up the cleaning in my old studio tonight, hand off the keys - and I want to do a thorough cleaning of both the bathroom and the kitchen - these are boys I'm living with, after all - but I am very excited.

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  1. Eeek! Post some pics Jess...want to see your new digs. Sounds like this was the best decision...glad it was made! :)