Thursday, November 17, 2011


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As surrounded as I am by family members and friends who have admittedly sophisticated taste in music (hello, do you not all religiously follow my sister's blog??) I just love pop music. Gimme a catchy chorus, and upbeat drum rhythm - probably what all the middle school and high schoolers the states over are dancing to in cafeterias and school gym dances after football games - and I'm hooked. I love to be happy - it's felt rare and fleeting the past few months that I've truly been so, but I'm getting better at it (name that song?) - and music has such an effect on my mood. It can be like SADS but all throughout the year and fluctuating with a radio or music mix. It's really quite sad, I fear, thus why I keep myself as upbeat as I can. I know my downfalls. I avoid them. And pop music? Makes me happy. Effortlessly. So with that little piece of useless information, I leave you to your Thursdays!

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