Friday, November 18, 2011

worked it!

 I didn't work out yesterday - I got a badly needed haircut instead and then chatted and made dinner with a dear friend of mine from college who is visiting. However this morning? This morning I got up, got my motivation going, and did yesterday's intended workout as well as today's! I feel amazing now, and I'm so proud that I just up and did it, no excuses, no complaints. I made this decision to get my health and strength together, and I'm seeing it through. Added bonus to getting the workout done, I must admit, is the fact that I have family coming to town today to enjoy a pre-Thanksgiving holiday, so I will be meeting up with them tonight. But how great do I feel that I didn't just skip either workout completely? Very great, let me just say. I wish you all the happiest of Fridays and the greatest of weekends!

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