Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my grandma would be proud

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I wore make-up for the 2nd day in a row to work today. I'm not a make-up girl, as a rule. I've always liked to wear it to go out, but I always feel that it's too obvious on my face to wear to work, working well in the dark lighting of clubs and bars but pulling out my features too much in the light of day. However, the closer I get to the Dirty 30, the more I realize I need to start making an effort with my appearance. Beauty in youth is sort of a given, to be beautiful the older you get surely takes a bit of input. Plus, it's sort of nice to feel the little extra pep-in-my-step that the confidence of looking nicely put-together brings on my daily commute. In a rather egotistical way, I still don't feel that I need to wear make-up...but I suppose it's more of a respect-for-your-coworkers-managers-and-position-at-work reasoning to wear make-up, than it is a need-to-look-acceptable-to-society reasoning on which I should focus. But again, this is only Day 2 of the endeavor to wear make-up everyday. So we'll see how I'm feeling by next week. I tend to take these sorts of personal upkeep goals in waves, each time being sure that this time, the daily application of make-up will become as rote as brushing my teeth and that soon I will be able to move on to the daily doing-of-hair. Maybe this time it will stick. Only time will tell.

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