Friday, December 30, 2011

New Yorker

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Well guys, it's official, I now am a New York resident! I submitted the paperwork to trade out my California driver's license for a New York driver's license, they took my Cali ID and my NY ID will be mailed to me shortly. I was pretty excited about it all yesterday, although I can't even really tell you why. It's not like I will be driving in NYC now, but it just sort of makes the move feel official. Like, now I have officially chosen to live in New York, after a year of trying it out. Still, I feel like my signing up to take my Fitness Instructor Certification classes is what sort of spurned me on to realize that I am now living in New York. I am now involving myself in the New York community in a way that I had not previously - having gone from my job to my home and randoms restaurants, bars, etc. in between. Now I will be a student here, in addition to a worker bee in the machine that is just another corporate job in Manhattan. I'm excited for the shift, and excited to see just how awful my photo may look when I finally get my ID.


  1. Congratulations Jess! That is big news. An official New Yorker. You sound so important! Ha.

  2. hahaha hardly. But now that I'm starting classes I felt I was pushing the "get a proper state i.d. within a year of changing residencies" rule... :) Hopefully the picture isn't too awful!