Monday, December 12, 2011

too tired

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I slept horrendously last night. I feel like I woke up every hour, my room was too hot, and then I was thirsty, and then I was too cold, and then my roommates came home and were banging around and then I'm pretty sure were smoking in the living room because I woke up to a horrible smell and then ambulances were going blaring by....I have no idea what was going on with my little zone of comfort but it was just out of reach all night. Needless to say I can already tell today is going to be a long day and it is not made any better by the fact that I have plans tonight which I will now be half-dreading because all I'm going to really want to do is hit the gym and then the sheets, but instead I will be able to do neither. But, this will give me good practice in getting my Cali face back together - I had the innate ability back in California, which I am slowly losing now I'm told, to keep my face in a smile for as long as it took to keep whoever I was with happy until I was able to finish up whatever less-than-ideal-to-me activity we were engaging in and I could escape. Apparently now I'm developing a bit of a bitch face and people can tell when I'm bored or annoyed. I blame it on being alone for such long stretches of time now, allowing me to do whatever I want whenever I want, change my mind whenever I want, basically be completely allowed to be non-committal to anything and everything. Still, I'm sure tonight will be more fun than I'm allowing for at the moment, and that after some coffee, my day will progress along smoother than I'm anticipating also. Fingers crossed I avoid a horrendous noon-time slump! And let's have this Monday go by quickly...

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