Wednesday, December 7, 2011

uuuggghhhh! and mint milanos

KAREN: Where is my Mint Milano?
ROSARIO: I don’t know, lady. Maybe you ate it.
KAREN: No! I would remember. You know that I allow myself one Mint Milano per day. And now, I cannot have another Mint Milano until tomorrow. And yes, I’m sure that my doctor would be very happy if I could go a day without a Mint Milano. But I say a person’s got to enjoy life! I want my Mint Milano!
ROSARIO: What are those crumbs on your jacket?
KAREN: …Mint Milano. Maybe I did eat it.
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I had a lovely post all written up, complete with a picture I really liked, somehow hit the backspace button at the perfect time, and the whole thing is gone. Daggammit! I hate technology. Suffice it to say, last night I enjoyed some delicious drinks and Cuban tapas after work, and then - rather than get myself a healthful dinner - I popped into my local bodega for what my body was really wanting, Mint Milanos, and treated myself to a sleeve of them after a halting chat in Spanish with the cashiers who grinned at me, and nodded, and helped me along as I needed it. It was a very nice evening, all said, and I hope everyone (yours truly included) has a lovely Wednesday today!

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  1. Hah - Oh Karen and Rosario.

    Mint Milanos are delicious.