Friday, January 13, 2012

being human

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Transferring from the L train to the 6 train to come to work today there was a blind man on board, with his guide dog by his side. When I stepped on to the train, from the constant drone of the platform noise, all I heard at first was a woman slapping the seat upon which she was sitting and I bemoaned the fact that this could be a very long, loud ride. Until I saw the guide dog and realized the woman was saying, "You can sit right here" as she did her seat-smacking. She was letting the man know that there was plenty of room in which to sit for the commute. He thanked her and sat, and I watched how everyone around him gave a little extra room, made space for the dog to sit. Once we reached Grand Central, for the first time ever, I saw people wait and clear the doorway and allow this man and his dog to exit first. First. And no one on the platform pushed forward, no one tried to sidle in alongside him. Everyone just paused for a moment to make this man's exit just a little bit less chaotic. I just love it when the goodness of humanity shines through like that. It was rather wonderful to see.

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