Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow & sleet & clouds, oh my...

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Welp, apparently Winter is indeed upon us - coming up from the train last night I definitely was walking through lightly falling snowflakes, but they faded out as soon as they began and sleet took their place. Today it's just crazy-gloomy out there but much warmer than its been in the past thanks to the cloud cover! It's funny that I almost miss the cold - there's something sort of clean-the-slate and freshen-the-mind about coming outside into a temperature where every breeze (or gust) of wind takes your breath away. It gives a sort of focus to my harried brain for the walk to the train and the office and back again. It's a few moments where I can just have a clear mind focusing only on the sting in my lungs and my breath hanging in the air. The cloud cover makes a more humid tension in the air, the coat is a little too warm, walking feels a little too tiring, my lungs feel a little soggy. The crispness is gone, the shocking cold is no more. And my brain once again can tailspin and hop back-and-forth and ponder and consider and stop paying attention to the little things in the moment of now. I never noticed until I moved to New York just how non-stop my mind is. It's no wonder I overwhelm myself with the mundane everyday activities - my brain can turn anything into an either-or-worst-case-scenario-whatever-will-I-do-where-will-decision-one-lead-me-versus-decision-two tennis match with no end in sight. So, I rather miss you clear, cold mornings. Let's bring on some more sleeting rain so these clouds clear up for tomorrow, hm?


  1. Yes! I totally can relate. I have a worst case scenario brain for SURE.

    1. It is the PITS, huh?! But I'm so glad it's not just me!

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    1. hahaha I knowwwww! Life is hard. :/ Ooof I miss you Alexa!