Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You're Welcome

I've decided that I'm going to stop recording my workouts and fitness goals here on this blog - that was not was the blog was intended for when I started it, and while transformations and evolutions are normal for things as "living" as blogs, I don't think it really fits with even just the titling of this little gem. I've instead started a fitness-healthy-eating-clean-living-personal-progress-blog here where I will keep all those sorts of "my legs are sore!" posts confined. Just letting you all know, because I know there are specific subsets of people who get as excited about reading about other people's workouts and eating schedules and motivations as I do. :)

Returning to this little blog-o-mine, I will do my darndest to get it back to the things I do for fun around this crazy city of Manhattan. Those fun things have just been a little few and far between as I am juggling work with school with homework with tests with projects, but they will come anew, and I will happily share said good times with you loyal readers when they do!

In the meantime, Happy Tuesday, and enjoy some lovely quotes for the day (or week depending on how busy I get...) from around the web:


  1. The fish one is hilarious. Thanks Jess. As usual, you're awesome.

  2. :) I LOVED that fish one. So deep. Oooh Alexa, you rock my socks off! Thank you for being you.