Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Not Dead!

I know, both of you were very concerned for my safety these past weeks when I have been completely MIA on this oft-traversed blog. Okay, I knew where I was but you, you other reader, were surely concerned for my well-being. And I thank you for that.

Never fear, I have returned. WITH A REALLY SHORT NEW HAIRCUT! We're talking a pixie here friends. An adorable, chic, easy-to-care-for pixie cut. However, since you, dear only reader, have either A.) never seen me - is that you?! Are you new to this blog and have not known me my entire life?! or B.) have seen what my before and after selves look like due to our long-time acquaintance (Hi Sister), I am not going to provide you with a picture.

I know, I know, what a tease. If you, only reader who may NOT be family, would like to see a picture of my haircut, leave me a comment. We'll see if I trust you. That's right, nothing's free in this world.

And coming up soon: a retelling of my fabulous theatrical outings this weekend! But maybe, don't wait with bated breath...there was rain and hail last night and sometimes puddle-jumping takes hours longer than anticipated, especially with new galoshes...

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