Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

I was lucky enough, as I ran some errands after work yesterday, to come upon the unveiling of Macy's holiday window displays. Being a newbie, I was unaware this was a pre-Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition, but the crowds outside of the store were immense, and there was singing and palpable excitement in the air. I gazed at the brightly lit tree and continued on, but am going to have to sneak away to peek at the windows! The Lord & Taylor I walk past on my way to work each day has had holiday windows out for a couple days now, and I can't tell you how giddy I got the first day I trotted past to gaze upon them!
{Macy's Window Unveiling}

{Lord & Taylor's Display Windows}
They're little dolls and moving doll houses, all celebrating!

Being as it is not yet Thanksgiving, however, I am going to cling to the fall season for a few more days. I plan on bringing all my senses in on the action by making some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this weekend. It's been on my mental to-do list since October and now that our oven is fixed and I have the necessary baking tools, I intend to make good on this! I'll report back on Monday if they are at all a success. (And if they don't go the way of my mini-jack-o-lanterns...)

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