Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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It really is amazing what a social creature I am. Just as I'm starting to feel the residual effects of a night with no sleep in a Chicago airport, a certain doubt of living sans roommates as I am not sure living alone is good for my sanity, and a certain missing of family now that a slated trip to visit sister and friends in NorCal has to be cancelled, I am surrounded by friends, at least in a virtual sense. As if the universe knew exactly what I needed to preserve my sanity today, and sent it forward. As potentials for A.) a friend's residency in New York and B.) trip planning between a friend's stint in Virginia and her pop into New York come into existence, I am feeling wonderfully less alone. A phone call to an old co-worker last night reminded me that, even with distance, I am cared for, and a tentative sun-bathing plan for one day this weekend with a new friend, make all the loneliness that this city has held for me of late seem less-so. A truly wonderful turn of events, I must say. Now, if I can only get through the day today and then force myself to bed early...starting fresh into the world of "True Blood" keep me wanting to see what happens next episode after episode. Happy Wednesday all!

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