Friday, September 30, 2011


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It finally rained yesterday. Heavy and tumultous, complete with thunder and lightning. And then it was over, nearly as quickly as it had begun. And the clouds finally parted, and the blue sky came through, and the air's suffocating humidity lifted. And this morning, walking to work through the cleaned air and the dampened streets, it felt like Fall was really and truly upon us. Not too cold yet, nothing frigid or terribly windy. But breezy and cool and refreshing. A truly lovely walk, making me rethink any potential moves to Brooklyn - or to any outer borough requiring underground transportation to get to the office five days a week. Because the walk can be so lovely on days like today, that I couldn't imagine giving it up. I hope the weekend holds more of the same - I have no real plans except to make meals for my week (frugality is back in its comforting routine) and rest, maybe wander Central Park aimlessly if I feel particularly ambitious, or desperate to leave my populated abode. And I hope you all have equally relaxing weekends!

PS - Like how I'm still not posting my own pictures, even when I actively search to find the most generic and un-staged photos possible? Thought so. You're welcome.

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