Monday, December 5, 2011

delighting in overindulgence

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A dear friend from home extended a business trip to the city to get to hang out this weekend (never have I been more popular than since moving to this bustling metropolis!) and we spent Saturday wandering around the city along with a friend of his from college. By "wandering around the city" I do of course mean drinking and eating all day long. It was a glorious way to keep back in touch although sitting in a dark bar all day is seldom my ideal way to spend a weekend. With the right company however - and done in moderation - it can be quite fun and such was the case this weekend. I - pride point! - managed to pace the entire day getting only mildly buzzed so I staved off both too much over-imbibing as well as the day-drinking sleeps.

I did of course end the day on Saturday feeling quite sluggish and a bit ill as that many bubbles and fried delights are bound to take a toll. So on Sunday, waking up a mere 3 hours after hitting the sheets to ensure the necessary return-to-Cali plane was caught, and then sleeping my face off once more until the early afternoon, I dragged myself to the gym. Getting my muscles engaged felt amazing, even more so thanks to the quiet nature of my gym at 1 pm on a Sunday. I even followed up with a yoga class at a little gym near by new neighborhood, which ended up being one-on-one between me and the instructor as I was the only attendee to show up. I walked home from that class feeling more relaxed and calm than I had in recent memory, which says as much for physical exertion as it does for the wonder of yoga and my very relaxed, encouraging teacher. A wonderful weekend, all said, and now let's make this Monday productive!


  1. I love the few times I've had one on one yoga sessions with a teacher. It is so nice to really get some personal attention sometimes :)

  2. Yoga will have this effect on me occasionally, especially if I follow practice up with a shower with nice soap...and a glass of wine. Wonderful.