Wednesday, March 7, 2012

back to it!

I've gotten myself back in the gym this week, we've now made it to Day 3 in a row that I've continuously gone. Hey man, baby steps. I'm back on Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer - back at Phase 1 as I fell off the wagon so horribly at Thanksgiving. And let me just say, the body is amazing. My body remembers. It remembers the strength I used to have, that muscle memory kicks in, and I'm actually feeling my back exercises in the muscles the moves are intended to target. I kid you not, when I was doing the program before my long hiatus, I only ever felt my "back" exercises in my arms. I definitely still felt my triceps burning while I was doing pull-downs, but there is a twinge of soreness in my upper back today. Success!!

So I'm feeling pretty good, as is the case in the first little while of any new resolution. But the thing of it is, this isn't a resolution. This needs to be a lifestyle. So I'm embarking on my journey, to maintain the feelings of happiness and endorphin rushes that working out brings to me, and to maintain the energy and tastiness of consistent clean eating and whole foods. Consistency is the key for me - eating every few hours keeps me from slipping into sleepiness and diving for more coffee. I'm learning my body, and it's proving even more interesting thanks to my classes.

Just had to report in, that I'm back, and feeling better than ever. Happy Wednesday all!

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